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The Law Office of Lynnette J. Callender, P.A.

Proudly serving our clients with the personal attention that Citizens throughout Flagler County and Northeast Florida deserve.

Personal service has been the core principle of The Law Office of Lynnette J. Callender, P.A. since the 1990s.
This firm has stood at the forefront of critical family law and estate administration cases in the Judicial Circuit Courts of Northeastern Florida comprising Flagler, Volusia, Putnam, St. Johns and Duval Counties in championing the rights, integrity, and interests of the injured, Heirs, Children, Parents, and Relatives, against the overreach of government agencies in which sensitive complex legal issues have been decided.
As the practice of law has evolved, the commitment to excellence through personal attention at The Law Office of Lynnette J. Callender, P.A.’s  is constant. 

The Law Firm of Lynnette J. Callender, P. A.

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